Saturday, 2 August 2014

Top 10 must have apps for android

Android is now a days the most popular operating system. So the use of android apps is also on the top. I have used many apps but some apps won my heart. I think those are the must have apps for android for everyone, it doesn't matter if you are a newbie to android or a user from more than years. Without those apps i feel little uncomfortable and my device does not look useful to me anymore And i think you will think the same.

Android is not just an operating system. It is becoming the part of every day life. From chatting to video calling, from health to fitness, from eating to dieting, in all of these everyday things Android seems to be playing a great role. In my life android is as much important as oxygen. Isn't it for you???

Must have apps for android:

"Facebook Messenger.PNG"It is the Facebook messenger app created by Facebook. Almost everyone uses Facebook now a days and this is the best messenger app which I used. 

This app is very easy to use and make me feel like i am always near to my loved ones and friends. You must have this app because without this app my device does not look useful to me.

I think you will also think the same after using it.You can make free calls over WiFi. This app is totally free. 

"WhatsApp Messenger.PNG"WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most used messenger app in the world. It is available in almost every platform like Java, Windows, ios. You can also chat with other WhatsApp users on different platforms. So you don't have to worry if your loved ones don't have Android device. 

This app does not require any login and it uses your mobile number for login and uses your phone's address book for contacts. These are the things which i love about this app. I think most of your friends are already using this app because mine are using ;)

So for what are you Waiting for. Give it a try once. Don't forget to use its awesome features like pictures and videos sharing and also use emoticons. I think you will love it.


  3. MX Player :


"MX Player.PNG"This is the best video player free Android app. It include gestures for increasing/decreasing brightness and audio volume. It also supports screen lock feature after which your video will not be interrupted if kids touch the screen.
I love this video player because it's super fast and also free :p

It's screen lock feature is very helpful when someone touch the screen and your video doesn't get interrupted. 

It's gestures make me feel very comfortable when i want to increase or decrease the brightness and volume. You just have to slide your finger on the screen and your work is done without missing a second of your video.
"Opera Mini web browser.PNG"One of the fastest browser for android. It is available on almost all platforms. It is very small in size and extremely fast. I have it in my device from the first day i have got a mobile with internet facility.

I am using it from the last 5-6 years. It's very useful when you have a limited internet data usage and it makes your data usage less up to 90%. Don't you want to save your precious internet data??? 

It's super fast and very compact in size. You don't have to worry about your storage space. Go and get it.
It's completely free.

"SuperVPN.PNG"It is the best free VPN app which i found on the play store. It is the only VPN which didn't insisted me to delete it. I have used many VPN apps and all of them was just a piece of crap. 

This is a free app and it gives 50 minutes to you on just a single touch to connect. You can connect million times without any notice to give them money for that. So protect your privacy with this app and enjoy using the apps and sites that you can't access in your area. 

"ZEDGE.PNG"Zedge offers free and huge variety of ringtones, wallpapers and notification sounds. I highly recommend this app if you want good quality wallpapers and ringtones. It is a must have app for you. This app will not let you become bored.

It have a lot of varieties in wallpapers and ringtones that makes me confused which one to use because all of them are of top quality. 

If your device's ringtone seems dull to you then Don't you want to make your device look cool???

If you want then go and get it. 
"Kingsoft Office FREE.PNG"It is the most downloaded office Android app. It is also known as WPS Office. It supports almost every type of document including PDF, TXT, Microsoft word, PowerPoint and Excel. 

When i got my first assignment in university, it was very difficult for me to find a computer and start writing my assignment. At night i thought to download an Android app which could help me. So i started finding the apps. 

At last i found this app which was very high rated and was completely free of cost. I first thought that how the free app can help me in making a university assignment??? Then i decided to give it a try. 

This app was just amazing and it made me complete my first assignment which i thought that i couldn't submit the next day. It is very easy to use and i think you should also give it a try. 
It's just an awesome app which is totally free.
"CamScanner.PNG"It is the phone PDF creator app. With this app you take pictures of your hard copy and then convert them to PDF. This app is very useful for students. 

This app is a free version and you can also move to premium features. I am using the free version which is fulfilling my needs.

You can take pictures of your hard copies and can convert those pictures to PDF with this amazing app which you can use later when you don't have hard copies with you.

"App Share Bluetooth.PNG"With the help of this free Android app, you will be able to share your Android apps with other Android users via Bluetooth or  e-mail. Just select the app and share it in no time.

Basically i think this app is a need for every Android user because Android do not let you share your apps with others.

If you want an app that can share others apps with you or your apps with others then you don't have to wait anymore. Just download this app and enjoy :)

This free app is very useful for people with interest in videos. It is also for people who can't use YouTube etc in their area like me :(

So i always have this app with me which is a good source of watching videos. With this app I watch full movies.

Don't you want to have another great source of videos???
I know you want to.
Download it and have fun.

I tried my best to provide you the apps which i think everyone must have. I hope you will like. Now its your time to tell us your opinion about the must have apps for android.

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