Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Top 5 Free Camera Apps for Android

Now a days mobile's camera is becoming the most important feature. Its seems to be as much important as other features. But sometimes the camera can't do the things what we expect. 

For overcoming the drawbacks in the built-in camera apps, most of us use the other applications. For this reason i decided to try most of the free camera applications in playstore. And after using most of them I found the apps which i can say that these are the top 5 free camera apps for android.

 Here are those top apps  which i think will do something for you and without costing you a dime.


"Camera 360 Ultimate.PNG"This app is on the top of my list because this did exactly what i needed. This camera app has many great features. You just have to take pictures with this app and it will do the rest for you. I mean it will auto enhance your pictures and that's the best thing which made me fall in love with this app.

The picture capturing features are very great and you don't have to pay anything for this. This app also has many great filters and you can also install many free and cool features in it. 

I highly recommend this app because I want to provide you the best things i know ;)

2. Camera fv-5 lite :

"Camera fv-5 lite.PNG"
This camera app is the free version and i think this free version can also provide you with some useful features to capture awesome pictures. It's a good app if you see towards over all features.

If you like the appication then you can download a pro version of this app which will include all of the features you need in a camera app.

3. Camera For Android :

"Camera For Android.PNG"  
This app has a nice simple UI but it's very powerful. If you want a very easy to use app then you must try this app.With this app you can take some good pictures easily. The focusing capability of this application is just great.   

4. CameraMX :

I also want to include this camera app. It is also a nice camera app.
This app let you take good pictures and also have a good touch to focus feature.

This application will provide you another feature named as one shot. You will also get an icon of this one shot feature on your home page or in the app list which will let you take a single picture quickly. You just have to touch the object in the screen you want to focus on, and your picture will be ready.

This is a good app but not the best.

5. HD Camera Ultra :

"HD Camera Ultra.PNG"
I included this app for those, who want a simple and a very little memory taking camera app. 

This application is surely for you if you want a camera app less than 1MB.

 Final Words :

I know there are many other good apps but these are the handpicked top 5 camera apps for android by me. I hope these apps will provide you the best things you want from your camera.

If you have any suggestions or want to tell about other apps you want to include in this list then feel free to comment. Also give me your feedback about these apps. :)

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