Thursday, 29 January 2015

Motion Shot Apk Free Download V2.1.9

Motion Shot Apk is an amazing camera application developed by Sony Corporation. This app lets you to capture a continuous picture by first creating a video and then converting it to an image that looks like a continuous movement. Use this app to capture anything that is in a motion, you will always get an amazing result.
Before moving towards the download link lets quickly look at some of its features.

Features Of Motion Shot Apk:

  • Easily and quickly capture the continuous pictures with just 3 steps.

  • Easily edit and add effects to your pictures with ease.

  • Capture pictures and share them on different social networks within from Motion Shot Apk.

So these are some of the cool features that you will get in this app. One of the best thing is that it's totally free so you don't have to pay anything for using it.

Lets quickly move toward the download link. You can download it by two ways. First is by downloading its apk file directly from here and second is by downloading from Playstore. Both the links are given below.
Note: Both the links given below will provide you the official Motion Shot Apk.

Directly Download Motion Shot Apk (Size: 4.06mb)

Download From Playstore

Requires Android:

4.1 and up
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