Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Amazing Android Controlled Robotic Ball

Most of us have used and had the remote controlled toys such as cars and helicopters etc in the childhood. I am also one of those people who was in love with those amazing toys. That time is one of the most memorable part of everyone's life. Racing those amazing remote controlled cars with friends was a true pleasure for me and i think it's the same for you also.

I have seen an amazing thing which i would like to share with you because it's the thing which will make you feel great ;) If you are not a kid anymore or also are a kid then this thing is what you are going to love. This is an Android controlled robotic ball which has many great features that you will want to have after knowing about it. It is also one of the best gift for kids and also for adults who want to enjoy the same as they did in their childhood.

This android gadget is not a thing just for kids but it is what adults would also love to have. This amazing android controlled robotic ball does any thing which you can think and also which you can't. It is really a fun blast ;)

Orbotix Sphero iOS and Android controlled robotic ball: 

Orbotix Sphero Android Controlled Robotic Ball
Orbotix Sphero Android controlled robotic ball
It is acclaimed as one the year's hottest Gadget. It will give you a new way to play with your android or iOS device. 
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How it works:

Android controlled robotic ballIt is a really amazing iOS and Android controlled robotic ball. You  have to tit, touch or swing your device to make this robotic ball work. This amazing robotic ball can also be used for onscreen game-play. 

It contains a wide range of apps which will give you different new ways to test your skills and play cool games with your friends. 

Your device will be connected to this android controlled robotic ball with the help Bluetooth.

It contains:

Android controlled robotic ball in waterSphero is a great thing to have because it's amazingly bright and fast. So you don't have to worry if it's dark around you. Another amazing thing about this product is that its water proof and durable, so you don't have to worry if you drop it in water or your dog play with it.

Its incredibly fast and can move with the speed of 7 feet per second and its range is upto 100 feet. It's just a little slower than a Lamborghini ;)

You can also change the color of this robotic ball whenever you want. Its battery timing is not going to make you irritate because it will entertain you for at least 1 long hour :)

Note: You can also get great looking covers for this amazing thing from here

Amazing apps: 

To play different cool games with this Android controlled robotic ball against your friends or alone, you can download 25 free apps for android and iOS. I have listed some of those iOS and android apps below.
  • Sphero

  • Drive

  • Golf

  • SpheroCam

  • Draw N' Drive

  • Chromo

  • Macrolab

At the end i would like to tell you that this is one of the best thing you can have and it's also the best thing to give someone as a gift. It doesn't matter if the gift is for kids or for adults, this android gadget is going to entertain all of them and they will surely appreciate your choice and will love it :)


Its list price is $129.99 but you can get it just for $99.00 with free shipping from here ;)

Also checkout the amazing cover for Orbotix Sphero iOS and Android controlled robotic ball.

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