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How To Clear Cache On Android

Clear cache on android phone
How to clear cache on android.

Cache is a thing which helps to load data little fast but a lot of cache leads your device to run slower. To speed up your device, clearing cache on Android is a very common thing. Some people use third party apps to do this.  But I personally suggest you to clear it manually. It will surely help you to boost the speed of your android device.

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Easily clear cache on android:

Here are some simple steps which you can follow to clear cache on android phone easily.
(Method can be little different for other android versions)

1. Go to settings and tap Manage Apps.

Go to settings and tap manage apps

2. Now you will see the apps installed on your device. Select the app whose cache you want to clear as in the image below.

Select the app whose cache you want to clear

3. Now tap clear cache and your cache will be cleared.

Tap clear cache at the bottom

If you want to clear cache of all applications on your device with just a single tap then slide your finger to the right and here you will see a big icon of clear cache below "On SD Card" section as seen in the picture below. Tap on that and cache of all apps will be cleared.

Slide your finger to go to On SD Card section of appsclear cache in android

In this article i tried to provide you the most simple ways to clear cache on android applications manually one by one and also by just a single tap.
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